About Us

We are a consortium of professionals and leaders in Business, Religion, Education, Military, Police and other Para-Military and Academics.

We also boast of a high-flying team of advocates promoting skills in Security, Peace Leadership and Education globally, building a community of Educators, Leaders, Partners, Practitioners and Ambassadors for peace; working with organizations, businesses and government to increase participation in peace-oriented policies and programs.

NISSI Institute Peace Leaders, Builders and Educators Group started with a seminar over 17 years ago, on 1st October, 2004. We have facilitated several training programs in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

We have given empowerment and scholarships either wholly or partially to indigent children, youth and families. We have gone on to set up a school as well as partner with others to alleviate cost of having quality education where the culture of security, peace and responsible leadership is built.

At the NISSI Safety Management Institute, we are focused on INTENTIONAL peace; itself driven by a Leadership model that is both responsive and anticipatory. We offer Hi-Tech Security Advisory on Life and Property; but our deluxe portfolio is the resolving of conflicts: personal, family, workplace, communal, national, regional, and global.
Our methodology employs Arbitration side-by-side with insightful Negotiations.

By Advocacy and Strategic Training, we remove the volatility that becomes inescapable when bipartisan differences are allowed to fester thus becoming reactive. Drawing upon our premium experience in Law and Justice at the highest Federal echelons of Government; and leveraging on International Peacekeeping Missions since 2004, we have
evolved a vast and potent repository of Intelligence-gathering both at United Nations and at National levels.

Thus armed, we have earned a treasured recognition as champions of human rights, and as keepers of the peace. By securing, and sometimes by re-establishing peace, we help individuals regain or sustain their human rights; and communities are accorded reasonable opportunities for meaningful civic development. Steeped in the cauldron of conflict in many theatres of strife, we have condensed our empirical knowledge into Training regimens that incline human attitude towards living in peace with all men.

Our Core Values

  •  Dialogue and Negotiation as a tool for resolving and dealing with conflicts.
  • Knowledge, Innovation, Mentorship and Integrity which position us for the future.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration to enhance economies of scale.
  • Stewardship, Responsibility and Spirituality as sources of successful living.
  • Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice and Tolerance as prerequisites for lasting unity, prosperity and progress.


• To promote the knowledge, skills, values, character and attitudes which that prevent conflicts, and create social conditions for peace and prosperity
• To promote the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDG16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.


To be a citadel of peace and an icon of leadership.


To raise iconic leaders, builders who replicate our unmatched education of individuals and communities in the fostering of peace; the direct result of which, is the assurance of an atmosphere of peace, where purposeful development can be achieved by Individuals, Corporations, Communities, and States.


Bassey Asuquo

Prof. Ofonime Emmanuel Bassey – Asuquo is a UN Certified Peace Trainer. He is a global campaigner for Peace Leadership. He is widely consulted in Europe and Africa, on Security Strategy. In Nigeria, he is eminent as a managerial consultant. Foreign Direct investors have him on retainership to conduct Criminal Background Verification on prospective partners. He has authored twelve books to-date, and is already working on the next one.

He is a Professor of Leadership, Peace and Conflict Resolution with ICOF Global University, USA. He also teaches Peace Advocacy and Conflict Resolution Studies at the Charismatic International University, Cameroun. He holds Directorships at eh CIU Centre for Anti-Corruption, Cameroun, and the Destiny Sanctuary Int’l Ministry, Lagos, Nigeria.

An Apostolic-Prophetic Intercessor, Prof. Bassey is the President /Director General, NISSI Safety Management Institute, famous for Peace Leadership. He writes a weekly column, OUR SECURITY, OUR PEACE for and online newpaper, newspotng.com.

Married with children, he can be reached via social media @DROEBASSEY. He travels the nation on speaking engagements.