Our Programs

Bassey Asuquo

Peace Advocacy and Counselling

The goal is to reduce violence, protect and promote social justice, positive and social relations and sustainable peace thereby increasing peaceful coexistence among groups, families and communities; as well as promote post-conflict healing through education, negotiation, mediation and dialogue.

Bassey Asuquo

Strategic Conflict Training

The goal is to raise more peace actors, equipped with skills essential to keep disagreement from escalating, identify, analyze, prevent, resolve, mediate, facilitate, settle and manage individual or group conflict. They are skilled to create the culture of peace and maintain a peaceful environment for enhanced productivity. They eventually become proud Peace Leaders, Builders, Ambassadors, Educators.

Bassey Asuquo

Champion of Peace Awards Program

The goal is to advance and support the emergence of a new generation of Peace Leaders, Builders, Ambassadors, Educators, and more. The award recognizes their contributions as well as support and empower them to do more, whether individuals or organizations.

Bassey Asuquo

The Next Peace Leaders Essay Competition

Our goal is to exploit the vigor, resourcefulness and initiative of the children and youth in promoting the culture of peace and sustainable development. We engage children and youth in various categories on essay writing to develop, peace and security intuitiveness

Peace Leaders Club:

We introduce the club to help connect and organize with others interested to be Peace Leaders. We sow the seeds of peace and timely conflict resolution, security and peace leadership.